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This is the home of my Modern SDK project, which aims to provide a user-friendly N64 development experience on modern platforms.
Supports Debian-based Linux distros only.

What's here

- Context for why I started this project, and its goals.
Getting started
- Guide to initial installation, and compiling a demo to start off.
- Guide to some features of the SDK, such as how linking the final ROM works.
- Guide to move over existing projects, from both the Partner-N64 SDK, and SN64.
- Frequently asked questions.
- Credits to those who've helped along the way

"Tux" logo copyright Larry Ewing and Simon Budig, used according to license terms.
"Tux" logo is not intended to be a logo representing the SDK project.

Need help?

Feel free to contact me on Discord CrashOveride#2465

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